Lowongan Kerja PT Yili Indonesia Dairy Cikarang 2024

Lowongan Kerja PT Yili Indonesia Dairy Cikarang 2024

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PT Yili Indonesia Dairy
PT Yili Indonesia Dairy
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Ringkasan Pekerjaan

  • Tingkat pendidikan: SMA/SMK
  • Tipe pekerjaan: Penuh Waktu
  • Pengalaman kerja: Kurang dari setahun
  • Besaran gaji: IDR 5.500.000 - IDR 6.000.000
  • Lokasi: Bekasi
  • Tanggal diposting:
  • Tanggal kadaluarsa: 2024-04-13

Profil PT. Yili Indonesia Dairy

PT Yili Indonesia Dairy, anak usaha dari Yili Group, perusahaan pengolahan susu terbesar di Asia dan lima besar di dunia, resmi memproduksi es krim Joyday untuk pasar Indonesia di pabriknya yang berlokasi di Kawasan Industri Deltamas, Cikarang, Jawa Barat.

Pabrik pertama PT Yili Indonesia Dairy diresmikan pada Desember 2021 lalu. Pabrik ini berdiri di atas lahan seluas 17 hektare dan memiliki kapasitas produksi es krim sebesar 159 ton per hari atau 50.000 ton per tahun.

Selain memproduksi es krim Joyday, PT Yili Indonesia Dairy juga berencana untuk memproduksi produk susu lainnya, seperti susu segar, susu UHT, dan susu bubuk.

Es krim Joyday sendiri sudah dikenal luas di Indonesia sejak tahun 2018. Es krim ini memiliki berbagai varian rasa yang menarik, seperti original, green tea, coffee, dan chocolate.

PT. Yili Indonesia Dairy Bеkаѕі ѕааt іnі ѕеdаng mеmbukа lоwоngаn kеrjа. Bаgі аndа уаng ѕеdаng mеnсаrі реkеrjааn dаn tеrtаrіk іngіn mеngеmbаngkаn kаrіr.

Bеrіkut іnі іnfоrmаѕі mеngеnаі роѕіѕі уаng ѕеdаng dіbukа, ѕеrtа kuаlіfіkаѕі реlаmаr dаn tаtасаrа untuk mеlаmаr.

Lowongan Kerja PT. Yili Indonesia Dairy

Maintenance Operator


  • Perform routine maintenance tasks on production machinery, including but not limited to freezers, mixers, fillers, and packaging equipment.
  • Conduct inspections to identify any mechanical or electrical issues and troubleshoot problems efficiently.
  • Repair or replace defective parts, components, or systems as needed to restore equipment functionality.
  • Execute preventive maintenance procedures according to established schedules to prevent equipment breakdowns and ensure reliability.
  • Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities, including work performed, parts used, and equipment condition.
  • Collaborate with production supervisors and operators to prioritize maintenance tasks and minimize disruptions to production schedules.
  • Adhere to safety protocols and regulations at all times to create a secure working environment for yourself and your colleagues.
  • Assist in the installation of new equipment and machinery, ensuring proper setup and integration with existing systems.
  • Participate in training programs to stay updated on new technologies, equipment upgrades, and maintenance techniques.
  • Support continuous improvement initiatives by suggesting efficiency enhancements, cost-saving measures, and process optimizations.


  1. High school diploma or equivalent; technical certification or vocational training in maintenance or a related field preferred.
  2. Proven experience as a maintenance technician or operator in a manufacturing or food processing environment, preferably in the dairy or frozen food industry.
  3. Strong mechanical aptitude and troubleshooting skills, with the ability to diagnose and repair electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems.
  4. Familiarity with maintenance tools, equipment, and techniques, including hand tools, power tools, and precision instruments.
  5. Familiar with PLC siemens & ABB
  6. Familiar with trouble shooting pump
  7. Knowledge of safety protocols and regulations related to machinery operation and maintenance.
  8. Excellent communication and teamwork abilities, with the capacity to collaborate effectively with colleagues across departments.
  9. Flexibility to work in shifts and respond to emergency maintenance situations outside of regular hours.
  10. Attention to detail and a commitment to quality craftsmanship in performing maintenance tasks.
  11. Physical stamina and dexterity to work in a fast-paced production environment and lift heavy equipment or parts as needed.
  12. Problem-solving mindset and a proactive approach to identifying and resolving maintenance issues.
  13. Available work shift & placement in GIIC Deltamas Cikarang

Lokasi Pekerjaan

Content Creator, Graphic Designer, UI / UX Designer

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